Sailguard Packaging Materials Co., Ltd-Desiccant&Calcium chloride gel Container Desiccant

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      Welcome to Foshan Sailguard Packing Materials Co., Ltd


      24 hour hotline: 0757-85583780
      24 hour hotline: 133-1831-1886

      ABOUT US

      Foshan SailGuard Packing Materials Co., Ltd. is one professional desiccant, moisture-proof products manufacturer, which has more than 15 years of professional desiccant products technical, research and development background, and has Independent Brand. She is one company with industry-leading desiccant breathable packing materials research and development , production technology. She can produce a variety of sealing form and different packing materials desiccant for customers’ different choice. Our mission is committed to research and development moisture-proof technology and supply excellent...


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